Possible malfunctions of laptops and methods of their diagnostics.

For many people, laptops are an indispensable means of work, entertainment and communication. They firmly took their place in people’s lives. Freedom of movement and mobility with a laptop – this is a huge advantage over a desktop computer. With him you can travel the world, or your country, or move around the city. All this, as well as the possibility of autonomous work makes the laptop simply irreplaceable. You are always at your fingertips favorite movies, entertainment, useful applications and music.

Of course, laptops are also prone to crises, and sometimes “get sick”, in principle, like a person. Diseases arise depending on the nature of the operation, the impact of the environment, and also possible factory marriages. Therefore, timely diagnosis of notubuka is necessary (by analogy with a person who needs periodic routine examinations of the body). Diagnostics allows you to quickly find problems or malfunctions and eliminate them on time, until they have critically worsened the performance of the laptop.

If you need to diagnose or repair laptop in Cincinnati, then an important task is to choose the right repair shop. This task should not be neglected. The main thing that you need to do first is to find out which brands of notebooks a workshop or service center specializes in. And it often happens that the company is engaged in the repair of only certain brands, or even one manufacturer. And in this case, if you do not first call, and do not specify the details, you can go in vain, and wasted 2-4 hours. Especially in a large city.

It is also necessary to find out what is the qualification of the personnel and the experience of the employees. It is possible that a young company with ambitions is working for 5+, but it happens that more experienced companies, “old men” can perform repairs and maintenance much better and faster. Although, of course, this is a very controversial issue.

From the side, it may seem that the diagnostics of the laptop is very simple. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the work requires a lot of experience, knowledge of all components of the laptop, increased concentration and perseverance. In addition, it is necessary to have a special tool and equipment. So the qualitative diagnostics can be made only in the workshop, but not at home. Sometimes it happens that the malfunction itself is harder to find, than to fix it later.

Also, when choosing a service center, remember that it is responsible for saving all data on the laptop. In the event that amateurs work, then you will not have confidence that your data will not be lost. In addition, employees can simply cheat, issuing a small problem for the true cause of the malfunction.

For example, if you only need soldering a connector or contacts, you can be told that you need to completely change the complete node. The price for repairs in this case will be overestimated at times!


Ремонт мобильного телефона своими руками

ремонт мобильного телефона своими руками

Прошли те времена, когда мобильный телефон представлял собой роскошь. Теперь практически каждый человек может себе его позволить. И на сегодняшний день эти устройства стали не только необходимой и повседневной вещью, без которой человек чувствует себя неуверенно, но и незаменимым средством развлечения, эдакой игрушкой. Правда, при этом, не каждый человек может себе позволить часто менять телефон при его поломке или неисправностях. Иногда и стоимость ремонта оказывается немалой. Что делать в таком случае людям, у которых не хватает средств на ремонт телефона? Можно попытаться отремонтировать свой мобильный самостоятельно. В этой статье мы постараемся описать, как можно отремонтировать мобильник своими руками.

Что можно посоветовать в этом случае:

Главная рекомендация – если у вас все-таки есть средства на ремонт телефона, то лучше отдать его в ремонтную мастерскую, где профессиональные мастера его быстро починят. Но не спешите отдавать свой телефон в первую попавшуюся мастерскую, без предварительного изучения информации о ней. Ведь в таком случае может оказаться, что эта фирма недобросовестная и ремонт может быть выполнен некачественно или с применение б.у. деталей от других телефонов. Лучше предварительно навести справки о сервисном центре.

Также, обратите внимание на свой гарантийный талон, выданный при покупке мобильного. Если срок гарантии еще не закончился, то обязательно несите телефон в гарантийную мастерскую. А если, все-таки, гарантия истекла, и вы затрудняетесь с выбором мастерской по ремонту телефонов, то зайдите на наш официальный сайт и ознакомьтесь с нашим предложением.

Теперь перейдем непосредственно к самостоятельному ремонту мобильных телефонов. Правда, необходимо предупредить сразу же, что не все неисправности можно устранить самостоятельно, и подходить к такому ремонту нужно очень тщательно, иначе есть риск ухудшить ситуацию и нанести непоправимый вред телефону.

Полезные советы:

Если ваш аппарат еще находится на гарантии, ни в коем случае не вскрывайте его и не пытайтесь ремонтировать самостоятельно. Иначе потом ваш гарантийный сервис центр не примет телефон в ремонт по гарантии.

Если вы все-таки решили самостоятельно ремонтировать его, сперва нужно представлять хотя бы примерную причину, из-за чего телефон стал неисправен. И только после этого искать способы ее устранения.

Типовые неисправности мобильных телефонов и способы их устранения мы рассмотрим с вами в следующих статьях.

Replacing the glass on the ipad

Broken glass of the tablet – the breakdown is not pleasant. Unfortunately, the replacement of glass on the Aipad is not as rare as it seems. Nevertheless, a competent specialist is able to perform it quickly enough (from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours). This together with the glass will be replaced with a touchscreen. Why the glass on the Aipad is needed to change or how to fix laptop screen?

The reasons for the exit of the touchscreen out of order Practice has shown that most often owners of “apple” tablets turn to a repair shop because the touchscreen is broken. Often this is due to the fall of the device and other mechanical damage. Despite the fact that the iPad’s screen glass is strong enough, a strong blow is still unable to pass without consequences.

Even small cracks and chips on the surface result in the touch sensitive display partially losing sensitivity. Replacing the glass on the Aipad is required in case of an incorrect response to the touch, or in the absence of any response at all. Individual elements of the touchscreen can also go out of order. We will clarify: the screen and touchscreen are to be replaced at the same time, and they fit tightly to each other. How there is a replacement of glass (touchscreen) on Aipad? To begin with, the device is dismantled, after which the touchscreen is carefully detached.

The surface of the screen is cleaned of adhesive residues. Also remove the button “Home” and install it on a new touchscreen. A new glass is glued and checked to see if everything is working. Note that this procedure is strongly recommended to trust professionals. If a glass replacement is required, it is best to contact the service center. An experienced repairman will carry out repairs in the shortest possible time using original spare parts. The functionality of your favorite gadget will be restored. Often, the service centers also provide a guarantee for the work performed.

For a competent specialist, replacing the glass and the touchscreen of a tablet is a common procedure that he encounters every day. It should be borne in mind that all the details in the “apple” tablet fit tightly to each other, and therefore the master must have sufficient qualifications in order to perform the repair neatly. Self-activity in the absence of appropriate skills and experience can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences. There is a great chance that you will still have to contact the service center, and repair will cost twice as much.

Replacing the sensor on the tablet: how to do it yourself?

How does the sensor replace the sensor on its own? This is a question that interests many users, in the arsenal of which appeared this miniature and very practical gadget. What you need to repair in the sensor plate To make this not an easy repair, you will need to prepare all the essentials. Obviously, cables for the tablet will not be needed.

You will need:
1. tweezers;
2. Phillips screwdriver;
3. Stationery knife;
4. Soldering station, supplemented with a hair dryer. An analogue to it can be a simple building hair dryer. If you find such very specific devices will be impossible, you can try to warm up the gadget with the usual device for creating hairstyles;
5. New touchscreen;
6. narrow adhesive tape, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 cm. It must be double-sided. You can buy it in the stationery store. The replacement circuit in the sensor element

When everything necessary for the work is prepared, you can start the main work. Detailed instructions are here: http://electronicsrepair.site/

1. The tablet needs to be dismantled first. It must be switched off beforehand. Then you need to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. They are located next to the connector, which is designed to connect the charging.
2. Now, with the help of a clerical knife near the glass itself, you need to carefully pick up the frame. It will be required to take it extremely delicately and carefully to the side, having done this on all sides of the device.
3. Further, replacing the sensor on the tablet involves the removal of all remaining screws. They remain on the end and in the corners of the device. This will help lift the back of the tablet.
4. Now you need to remove the trains and pull the battery out of the gadget.
5. After carrying out these manipulations, you can start removing the glass.

You can not do without a hair dryer. Under heating, at a temperature of not more than +160 degrees, until the device is warm, but not hot, you need to remove the sensor. With a stationery knife, you need to create a gap between the touchscreen and the glass. It’s best to start from the corner and then cut all the glue. At this stage, you need to be extremely careful, since there is a possibility of damage to the matrix. Having read the above, you can already think: is it better to go to the store and choose a tablet with the Internet, and maybe visit a service center where the sensor will be replaced by specialists. But the most important is ahead.

The most important step in replacing the sensor element

When the tablet is completely disassembled, you can proceed to install a new sensor. 1. To begin with, it is recommended to remove all particles of the old glue. Here you can use only wet napkins. 2. Then double-sided adhesive tape is glued on all sides of the gadget. 3. To the new touchscreen, all loops are connected to check its functionality. If the part works well, you can fix it on the adhesive base, that is, the adhesive tape. 4. Now it only remains to replace the back cover of the tablet and perform all the actions on the reverse scheme.

Common Mistakes and Myths part 2

After the water, everything works, but with a few problems. It happens often. For example, communication and image work on the phone as it should, but there are different problems. Here they are: the phone is quickly discharged, the flash burns, the speaker wheezes, wi-fi does not work, it’s not charging well, etc. There are many such examples. And the reasons are often the following. Due to water ingress, a short circuit occurs and some elements fail. Or there is an oxidation of contacts, which also damages the elements, circuits or the device as a whole. Needless to say, you can not allow the operation of such a device. Call to Electronics Repair Cincinnati to solve this problem.

After hitting the water, I put on gymnastics. So, there was a trouble and water got into your iPhone. Moreover, the phone does not turn on and does not show signs of life. But in fact at this moment he can be still alive. Then comes the terrible. The owner of the device, seized by despair, runs after charging in the hope of seeing the cherished apple on the screen and successfully loading its electronic pet. And, of course, with his own hands inserts the charging cord into the device. All. Further chances are very small. I will say only that sometimes the masters of our service center see traces of carbon deposits on the inside of the protective metal shields of the motherboard, on the board deep holes burnt from the closure.

A Little Bit about iPad Repair
For many, the ipad has become the device that can solve almost any everyday task. As a result, the device is subjected to its owners exceptionally active operation, and therefore the situation when it is necessary to repair the ipad, there are often. And there are many problems, due to which the repair of the apple ipad will become necessary:

the battery does not charge;
does not function wi-fi;
Sound does not work in and without headphones;
does not show the screen;
The Home button does not work;
the device does not turn on and so on.
In our service, real iPad repair is performed by real professionals, and our prices for ipad repair are the most profitable.

Replacement Display for iPhone 6 (continious)

2. Then, using the spager and the suction cup, the display module must be raised at an acute angle. If it easily rises, bring it to the position of the right angle.

3. Further, while holding the display, it is necessary to unscrew the screws for attaching the iPhone battery. Then the battery must be disconnected.

4. When the battery is disconnected, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the display’s display shield and disconnect all loops that secure it to the motherboard. After that, the display is easily removed.

5. The new display is installed in the reverse order. When installing it, be sure to check how securely you have fixed all the loops.

Difficulty replacing the display on the iPhone 6 yourself (WATCH on our Facebook page)

During the replacement of the display, the iPhone 6 has to work with small parts, which, moreover, it is quite easy to damage. Therefore, this occupation requires the utmost concentration and accuracy.

Often, when the display is replaced on its own, the owners of iPhone 6 are faced with the fact that they lack experience and relevant skills, which leads to the impossibility of replacing the display or damaging the board, the cable, etc.

In addition, the complexity is not only the extraction of the old display, but also the installation of a new one: often it is difficult to assess the reliability of fasteners independently, which leads to an undesirable result. Thus, the self-replacement of the display of the iPhone 6 often ends with a call to the service center.

That’s why we recommend not to risk and entrust your gadget to professionals. Experienced specialists will make a qualitative replacement of the display in a short time, eliminating the risks of possible damage.

Replacement of the display on the iPhone 6 in our service center in Cincinnati

The Piter-Apple service center employs experienced professional masters who specialize in Apple technology, including the replacement of the iPhone display.

We know that without the proper operation of the display, the use of the iPhone 6 becomes difficult, so we work for you 7 days a week.

Availability of all necessary details in the office, modern diagnostic methods and professional equipment allow us to carry out our work not only qualitatively, but also promptly.

Common Mistakes and Myths

iPhone after water put in rice
On many sites and forums advise: put the phone in Fig. However, this should not be done in any case! Moisture softens rice and rice dust settles on the board exacerbating the situation and making further cleaning impossible. Repeatedly the masters of our service observed a white fee from rice on which the appearance of fungus and the process of decay is often possible.
iPhone to dry after water put on the battery. Let you know how to do correctly, link here

As often it is necessary to hear, that the device for drying was put on the battery. There are no obvious advantages in this decision. In addition to the risk of falling the phone, you lose valuable time and only accelerate the oxidation process. The fact is that the temperatures of even the warmest battery are not enough to dry all the elements hidden under the protective shields of the motherboard. And the time, as you remember works against you. As a result, we get an externally dry phone with oxidized contacts and elements inside the device.

iPhone after water works as usual
I dropped the iPhone into the water, dried it myself and everything works fine for me. Congratulations! Indeed, there are rare exceptions, when after drops of water or accidental falling into the snow and subsequent rapid drying everything works. But this is only an exception. But what happens most often we have already described above. The device can work properly even 2-3 months, until the moment when the contact tracks on the motherboard of the device do not rot. Imagine a thread on which the signal passes. And here day by day it rots. At some point, communication on such a thread is interrupted, and it is not always possible to restore this damage. The board is designed as a sandwich, a layer behind the layers along which there are thousands of such threads. Physically repair is not always possible, and replacement of the board costs two-thirds of the new device.

Replacement Display for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 – one of the most anticipated new products of Apple. Features and features of this gadget delight not only the fans of the “apple”.

Damage to the display of the iPhone 6 is one of the most common reasons for contacting a service center.

The screen of iPhone 6 is the most unprotected element that is under constant external influence. That is why the faults associated with the display – not a rare phenomenon.

Among the damages may be scratches, cracks, chips or darkening. If you do not pay attention to minor malfunctions, over time, scratches turn into cracks that directly affect the functioning of the display – the main control of the iPhone 6.

At the same time, the most optimal and in many cases the only way to solve the problem is to replace the display.

Replacement of the screen module (glass and display) iPhone 6500 руб.

Reasons for a broken display on the iPhone 6
mechanical damage to the display due to a fall or impact, as well as strong pressure on the case;
exposure to water or moisture;
failures in the printed circuit board;
software failures;
damage to the display controller, loop, or screen control chip due to falling or ingress of water / moisture.

Replacing the display on your iPhone 6 yourself
In order to replace the iPhone 6 itself, you will need:

isopropyl alcohol;
plastic splitter;
2 screwdrivers;
metal blade;
magnetic pad or box for small screws.
Before starting the replacement of the display, you need to take care of the workplace: prepare the lighting, cloth to wipe the display and the substrate on which you put the gadget. Its surface should not let the iPhone 6 slide. If the iPhone rests securely on the stand and all instruments are at arm’s length, you can start replacing the display.

1. First you need a screwdriver with an asterisk. It needs to unscrew the two screws located on the sides of the charger slot. Screws should be folded into a specially prepared box or magnetic pad.

Water in your iphone – repair

The iPhone spilled tea or coffee
The iphone was spilled with tea or coffee
Do you want tea or coffee? With sugar or without? If you need to clean the iPhone, then it’s better without sugar, and if coffee, then without milk. More harm to the device is caused by coffee. Coffee leaves a characteristic smell and contains coffee crumbs. Milk aggravates the case and leads to rapid mold formation. Tea with sugar is also unpleasant for removal because of the sticky layer. However, the chance of restoring the device after getting tea or coffee is big enough.

The iPhone spilled engine oil
This is a rather rare case that was in my practice. I decided to remember about it because there are other oil-containing fluids in the stern of engine oil. In the case of machine oil, cleaning was very difficult. But the damage to the motherboard and peripheral elements was not at all. The spots remained only on the display, it had to be replaced. If your device is in a greasy environment, then cleaning can not be simple, but expecting a successful outcome is still worth it. Oil with water is not friendly. Want to know more ?

The iphone was spilled with milk or kefir
In that case, much depends on you. As in other variants, the speed of service calls in the first place, but it is when milk, kefir, yoghurt comes in that customers address too late. This is because you can not simply assess the level of danger. The case, at first glance, can be quite intrepid and many strains of milk generally do not notice the problems in the operation of the device. This is due to the fact that the viscosity of milk, kefir or yogurt is high enough. By experience, I can say that I have not seen a completely submerged device in milk. The liquid spreads unevenly and more likely locally.

If you immediately clean such a site, then there will be no problems. But if you do not, then all dairy products very quickly form mold and start the process of fermentation in a humid environment. If you dried the device, then an organic crust is formed on the elements of the board. Clear it is extremely difficult. Often this leads to damage to small elements, capacitors, resistors, coils, etc. And, in the long run, it threatens to rotten the contacts on the board.

The iphone spilled liquid

The iphone spilled wine (how to repair)

This case can not be called simple. A good wine, as a rule, contains organic substances and a small suspension from the tartar and the process of wine-making. Unfortunately, low quality wines are added to this a large amount of sugar and dye. What does it give? The wine smell does not completely disappear even after cleaning. Therefore, I recommend making high-quality professional cleaning not only of all elements and contacts, but also of the hull elements. Also, wine is more aggressive with respect to the peripheral strapping of iphone, trains, connectors, connections. The particles settle on all the joints and nodes, where the wine got to. The percentage of successful recovery of such devices is greater than after salty water, but still not too high.

The iPhone spilled juice – in this case visit our repair center: http://electronicsrepair.site/
I remember one case when a client came to me with an ipad, filled with apple juice. It was not possible to restore this iPad. Juice is poured infrequently. I do not have separate statistics on different juices. Yes, I did not think about it. But for some reason in practice, after apple juice, apple devices do not survive. The general nature of the device after ingestion of juice is sugar syrup, which remains on the board and as in the case of beer it is difficult to clean, but at the same time water, which certainly gives a strong oxidation, and organic compounds complete the matter. But it’s amazing that juice is not the worst option. Why? Because the juice has a higher viscosity, and therefore a noticeably worse penetrating ability. From this, the amount of juice that got inside the iphone is small. Apple, purified juice, did not possess the proper viscosity. Drink natural juices!

On the iPhone spilled brandy
Cognac or other strong drinks. Viscosity, as you already know, is an additional protective factor for getting liquid into the device. In addition, the strength of the drink also plays in favor of saving the device. For example, vodka will provide minimal internal damage. However, they do exist. In the case of a clean product, the screen primarily suffers. Easily penetrating, the alcohol-containing liquid leaves incurable divorces and sometimes disables loops and sensors. On the contrary, cognac rarely flows into all the far corners of the inner world of the device, but those places where it exudes a characteristic smell and contain a sticky layer of contaminants. What is better to drink? I would recommend not to drink at all. Especially, during active use of iPhone. A client came to us who simply does not remember what was at the party, but in the morning he found his iPhone in a puddle of cognac.