Common Mistakes and Myths part 2

After the water, everything works, but with a few problems. It happens often. For example, communication and image work on the phone as it should, but there are different problems. Here they are: the phone is quickly discharged, the flash burns, the speaker wheezes, wi-fi does not work, it’s not charging well, etc. There are many such examples. And the reasons are often the following. Due to water ingress, a short circuit occurs and some elements fail. Or there is an oxidation of contacts, which also damages the elements, circuits or the device as a whole. Needless to say, you can not allow the operation of such a device. Call to Electronics Repair Cincinnati to¬†solve this problem.

After hitting the water, I put on gymnastics. So, there was a trouble and water got into your iPhone. Moreover, the phone does not turn on and does not show signs of life. But in fact at this moment he can be still alive. Then comes the terrible. The owner of the device, seized by despair, runs after charging in the hope of seeing the cherished apple on the screen and successfully loading its electronic pet. And, of course, with his own hands inserts the charging cord into the device. All. Further chances are very small. I will say only that sometimes the masters of our service center see traces of carbon deposits on the inside of the protective metal shields of the motherboard, on the board deep holes burnt from the closure.

A Little Bit about iPad Repair
For many, the ipad has become the device that can solve almost any everyday task. As a result, the device is subjected to its owners exceptionally active operation, and therefore the situation when it is necessary to repair the ipad, there are often. And there are many problems, due to which the repair of the apple ipad will become necessary:

the battery does not charge;
does not function wi-fi;
Sound does not work in and without headphones;
does not show the screen;
The Home button does not work;
the device does not turn on and so on.
In our service, real iPad repair is performed by real professionals, and our prices for ipad repair are the most profitable.

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