Common Mistakes and Myths

iPhone after water put in rice
On many sites and forums advise: put the phone in Fig. However, this should not be done in any case! Moisture softens rice and rice dust settles on the board exacerbating the situation and making further cleaning impossible. Repeatedly the masters of our service observed a white fee from rice on which the appearance of fungus and the process of decay is often possible.
iPhone to dry after water put on the battery. Let you know how to do correctly, link here

As often it is necessary to hear, that the device for drying was put on the battery. There are no obvious advantages in this decision. In addition to the risk of falling the phone, you lose valuable time and only accelerate the oxidation process. The fact is that the temperatures of even the warmest battery are not enough to dry all the elements hidden under the protective shields of the motherboard. And the time, as you remember works against you. As a result, we get an externally dry phone with oxidized contacts and elements inside the device.

iPhone after water works as usual
I dropped the iPhone into the water, dried it myself and everything works fine for me. Congratulations! Indeed, there are rare exceptions, when after drops of water or accidental falling into the snow and subsequent rapid drying everything works. But this is only an exception. But what happens most often we have already described above. The device can work properly even 2-3 months, until the moment when the contact tracks on the motherboard of the device do not rot. Imagine a thread on which the signal passes. And here day by day it rots. At some point, communication on such a thread is interrupted, and it is not always possible to restore this damage. The board is designed as a sandwich, a layer behind the layers along which there are thousands of such threads. Physically repair is not always possible, and replacement of the board costs two-thirds of the new device.

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