Repair dropped iphone in water (part 2)

Repair dropped iphone in water

On the sea or in the pool in the iPhone came salt water
In the iPhone came salt water (dropped the iPhone into the sea or the pool)
Salt water more often at sea. I consider this case the most unfavorable for repair. Even in the absence of power to the device, severe corrosive processes occur inside. And in the final analysis, complete decomposition of the contact group of the device is possible. Microchips that are subject to this process are often not replaceable, since under them is observed the rotting of the contact areas of the elements. However, all this does not mean that after getting into salted water the device is not subject to recovery. Simply the nature of the damage is more complicated and requires a serious long-term repair.

Most likely the problem here lies in the untimely call to the service center. After all, the ingress of sea water often happens during a vacation in the resort. And in our service the device gets in the best case in a week. In addition to sea water, I would note the difficulty of restoring the device after the pool. Unfortunately, the percentage of recovered devices after sea water or the basin does not exceed 50%. Read more here:

IPhone fell in the toilet right into the toilet.

IPhone fell into the toilet (dropped an iPhone into the toilet)
Some customers are embarrassed and embarrassed to admit that the iPhone has fallen into the toilet. However, for masters such information is really a relief. Practice has shown that the percentage of reconstructed devices after getting into the toilet is very high. This is due to the fact that pure water is present in the toilet, except for waste of life activity, and the duration of immersion in the toilet is usually low. The only trouble in this case can be a special smell from iPhone. Therefore, professional cleaning is mandatory here.

The iPhone was spilled beer
Beer is also different. The most difficult to clean beer is dark varieties, unfiltered (live) beer. In this case, there remains a sticky frozen layer on the device board, it is not easy to clean it off. The moisture from the beer evaporates fairly quickly and damage, at first glance, may be insignificant. However, a sharp sharp beer smell will speak of another. Organic compounds remain on the surface of the motherboard and, in addition to smell, cause decay, mold and, in the final analysis, damage to the elements. Cleaning at the same time, as I said, is not the easiest operation.

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