Replacement Display for iPhone 6 (continious)

2. Then, using the spager and the suction cup, the display module must be raised at an acute angle. If it easily rises, bring it to the position of the right angle.

3. Further, while holding the display, it is necessary to unscrew the screws for attaching the iPhone battery. Then the battery must be disconnected.

4. When the battery is disconnected, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the display’s display shield and disconnect all loops that secure it to the motherboard. After that, the display is easily removed.

5. The new display is installed in the reverse order. When installing it, be sure to check how securely you have fixed all the loops.

Difficulty replacing the display on the iPhone 6 yourself (WATCH on our Facebook page)

During the replacement of the display, the iPhone 6 has to work with small parts, which, moreover, it is quite easy to damage. Therefore, this occupation requires the utmost concentration and accuracy.

Often, when the display is replaced on its own, the owners of iPhone 6 are faced with the fact that they lack experience and relevant skills, which leads to the impossibility of replacing the display or damaging the board, the cable, etc.

In addition, the complexity is not only the extraction of the old display, but also the installation of a new one: often it is difficult to assess the reliability of fasteners independently, which leads to an undesirable result. Thus, the self-replacement of the display of the iPhone 6 often ends with a call to the service center.

That’s why we recommend not to risk and entrust your gadget to professionals. Experienced specialists will make a qualitative replacement of the display in a short time, eliminating the risks of possible damage.

Replacement of the display on the iPhone 6 in our service center in Cincinnati

The Piter-Apple service center employs experienced professional masters who specialize in Apple technology, including the replacement of the iPhone display.

We know that without the proper operation of the display, the use of the iPhone 6 becomes difficult, so we work for you 7 days a week.

Availability of all necessary details in the office, modern diagnostic methods and professional equipment allow us to carry out our work not only qualitatively, but also promptly.

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