Replacement Display for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 – one of the most anticipated new products of Apple. Features and features of this gadget delight not only the fans of the “apple”.

Damage to the display of the iPhone 6 is one of the most common reasons for contacting a service center.

The screen of iPhone 6 is the most unprotected element that is under constant external influence. That is why the faults associated with the display – not a rare phenomenon.

Among the damages may be scratches, cracks, chips or darkening. If you do not pay attention to minor malfunctions, over time, scratches turn into cracks that directly affect the functioning of the display – the main control of the iPhone 6.

At the same time, the most optimal and in many cases the only way to solve the problem is to replace the display.

Replacement of the screen module (glass and display) iPhone 6500 руб.

Reasons for a broken display on the iPhone 6
mechanical damage to the display due to a fall or impact, as well as strong pressure on the case;
exposure to water or moisture;
failures in the printed circuit board;
software failures;
damage to the display controller, loop, or screen control chip due to falling or ingress of water / moisture.

Replacing the display on your iPhone 6 yourself
In order to replace the iPhone 6 itself, you will need:

isopropyl alcohol;
plastic splitter;
2 screwdrivers;
metal blade;
magnetic pad or box for small screws.
Before starting the replacement of the display, you need to take care of the workplace: prepare the lighting, cloth to wipe the display and the substrate on which you put the gadget. Its surface should not let the iPhone 6 slide. If the iPhone rests securely on the stand and all instruments are at arm’s length, you can start replacing the display.

1. First you need a screwdriver with an asterisk. It needs to unscrew the two screws located on the sides of the charger slot. Screws should be folded into a specially prepared box or magnetic pad.

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