Replacing the sensor on the tablet: how to do it yourself?

How does the sensor replace the sensor on its own? This is a question that interests many users, in the arsenal of which appeared this miniature and very practical gadget. What you need to repair in the sensor plate To make this not an easy repair, you will need to prepare all the essentials. Obviously, cables for the tablet will not be needed.

You will need:
1. tweezers;
2. Phillips screwdriver;
3. Stationery knife;
4. Soldering station, supplemented with a hair dryer. An analogue to it can be a simple building hair dryer. If you find such very specific devices will be impossible, you can try to warm up the gadget with the usual device for creating hairstyles;
5. New touchscreen;
6. narrow adhesive tape, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 cm. It must be double-sided. You can buy it in the stationery store. The replacement circuit in the sensor element

When everything necessary for the work is prepared, you can start the main work. Detailed instructions are here:

1. The tablet needs to be dismantled first. It must be switched off beforehand. Then you need to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. They are located next to the connector, which is designed to connect the charging.
2. Now, with the help of a clerical knife near the glass itself, you need to carefully pick up the frame. It will be required to take it extremely delicately and carefully to the side, having done this on all sides of the device.
3. Further, replacing the sensor on the tablet involves the removal of all remaining screws. They remain on the end and in the corners of the device. This will help lift the back of the tablet.
4. Now you need to remove the trains and pull the battery out of the gadget.
5. After carrying out these manipulations, you can start removing the glass.

You can not do without a hair dryer. Under heating, at a temperature of not more than +160 degrees, until the device is warm, but not hot, you need to remove the sensor. With a stationery knife, you need to create a gap between the touchscreen and the glass. It’s best to start from the corner and then cut all the glue. At this stage, you need to be extremely careful, since there is a possibility of damage to the matrix. Having read the above, you can already think: is it better to go to the store and choose a tablet with the Internet, and maybe visit a service center where the sensor will be replaced by specialists. But the most important is ahead.

The most important step in replacing the sensor element

When the tablet is completely disassembled, you can proceed to install a new sensor. 1. To begin with, it is recommended to remove all particles of the old glue. Here you can use only wet napkins. 2. Then double-sided adhesive tape is glued on all sides of the gadget. 3. To the new touchscreen, all loops are connected to check its functionality. If the part works well, you can fix it on the adhesive base, that is, the adhesive tape. 4. Now it only remains to replace the back cover of the tablet and perform all the actions on the reverse scheme.

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