The iphone spilled liquid

The iphone spilled wine (how to repair)

This case can not be called simple. A good wine, as a rule, contains organic substances and a small suspension from the tartar and the process of wine-making. Unfortunately, low quality wines are added to this a large amount of sugar and dye. What does it give? The wine smell does not completely disappear even after cleaning. Therefore, I recommend making high-quality professional cleaning not only of all elements and contacts, but also of the hull elements. Also, wine is more aggressive with respect to the peripheral strapping of iphone, trains, connectors, connections. The particles settle on all the joints and nodes, where the wine got to. The percentage of successful recovery of such devices is greater than after salty water, but still not too high.

The iPhone spilled juice – in this case visit our repair center:
I remember one case when a client came to me with an ipad, filled with apple juice. It was not possible to restore this iPad. Juice is poured infrequently. I do not have separate statistics on different juices. Yes, I did not think about it. But for some reason in practice, after apple juice, apple devices do not survive. The general nature of the device after ingestion of juice is sugar syrup, which remains on the board and as in the case of beer it is difficult to clean, but at the same time water, which certainly gives a strong oxidation, and organic compounds complete the matter. But it’s amazing that juice is not the worst option. Why? Because the juice has a higher viscosity, and therefore a noticeably worse penetrating ability. From this, the amount of juice that got inside the iphone is small. Apple, purified juice, did not possess the proper viscosity. Drink natural juices!

On the iPhone spilled brandy
Cognac or other strong drinks. Viscosity, as you already know, is an additional protective factor for getting liquid into the device. In addition, the strength of the drink also plays in favor of saving the device. For example, vodka will provide minimal internal damage. However, they do exist. In the case of a clean product, the screen primarily suffers. Easily penetrating, the alcohol-containing liquid leaves incurable divorces and sometimes disables loops and sensors. On the contrary, cognac rarely flows into all the far corners of the inner world of the device, but those places where it exudes a characteristic smell and contain a sticky layer of contaminants. What is better to drink? I would recommend not to drink at all. Especially, during active use of iPhone. A client came to us who simply does not remember what was at the party, but in the morning he found his iPhone in a puddle of cognac.

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